The Center for Research on

Scaled Chrysophytes
  The goal of the Center for Research on Scaled Chrysophytes is to provide a set of interactive tools to aid scientists using scaled chrysophytes in their research endeavers. The components of the Center include an image library, ecological data, interactive data base search capabilities, interactive taxonomic keys linked to the data bases, a literature data base and links to new taxa originally described by Peter A. Siver. Currently the focus of the site is on common taxa from North America and on images taken with SEM. Ultimately, we hope to include LM, SEM and TEM images of all taxa. Some components of the Center are under construction. Please send comments, especially ones on how we could improve the site, to


  • Search the Image Library and Ecological Database
  • Taxonomic Keys to the Synurophyceae, Mallomonas, and Synura
  • View Images and Reference Information on New Taxa
  • View Movies